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Back Office Services

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Outsourced Business Services

Our colleagues based here in the uk, and at our office in the vibrant city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, are working with businesses like yours, helping them develop and grow.

Business Development Services

Lead Generation + Market Research + Telephone Account Management + Customer Retention Calling + Data Base Construction.

Let us be an extention of your team, delivering a pipeline of high quality opportunities.

Purchasing And Procurement Services

Commission Buying + Material Sourcing + Cost Reduction + Tail Spend Management + Inventory Management + Category Buying.

Stillage & Returnable Packaging Management

Recyclable Material Collection Management

Back Office Services

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your buisness

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Our talented, dedicated team, offer cost effective otusourced business development and back-office services, seamlessly intergrating with your permanent staff and sytsems.